We Have Choosen the 2020 Classes for this year we have a wide choice of them for you!! The 2020 BBRU Education "KINK U" is Sponsored by The Titans of the Midwest


Bootblack 101

You want me to do what with that?

You want me to do what with that?


Would you like to learn how to clean & condition your leather and boots so they look awesome and last for years? Even if you never plan to shine someone else’s boots, every Leather Person should know how to care for their own leather on a basic level. In Bootblack 101, we’ll cover basic leather care and polishing so you can keep your leather in great shape. Please bring a pair of boots or piece of leather to practice on, I will provide the bootblacking some supplies.

You want me to do what with that?

You want me to do what with that?

You want me to do what with that?


 Cigars 101 basic information about cigars, lighting cutting and smoking .  Basics of cigar service and different rituals you can create. Cigar play , basics safety and cigar head. 

Spit On It

You want me to do what with that?

Tech Boot 101: Tackling with strategy


Let’s talk about that pesky spit shine.  There are many ways to approach the high shine. What products are best. Come learn many different approaches to the spit shine.  We will cover different polishes to include saphir. Bring your high shine and lets get it on.

Tech Boot 101: Tackling with strategy

You Don't Have to Use your Hands: Erotic Bootblacking

Tech Boot 101: Tackling with strategy


 We see contests and think "I could do that" and then we hear about the tech boot. A portion of the contest that can fill you with excitement or leave stiff with anxiety. But never fear! Tech boot 101 will provide you with some general information on the tech boot portion of a contest along with some tips and tricks to help you feel confident when competing in this portion of a contest. 

Bootlacing 101

You Don't Have to Use your Hands: Erotic Bootblacking

You Don't Have to Use your Hands: Erotic Bootblacking


Wanna Learn about Boot lacing and how to make those pretty laces?? Come learn and talk about this topic

You Don't Have to Use your Hands: Erotic Bootblacking

You Don't Have to Use your Hands: Erotic Bootblacking

You Don't Have to Use your Hands: Erotic Bootblacking



This is an erotic bootblacking class that focuses on finding out what participants find sexy about leather/bootblacking/bodies and bringing that into the shine. Like butts...? We’ll use butts to shine. Like tits...? Beards...? Bring your body and sexual imagination for this demonstrative class. This class is not a beginner class and will be taught like grad school for bootblacks.

Presenters 2020


Jayson DaBoi is a bootblack, spazzed out Stitch puppy, and auction helper extraordinaire.  He loves to help and will pimp out his skills for any worthy Leather cause. Jayson is not even a little bit afraid of hard work and welcomes new challenges across his dynamics with gusto.

Friends know this New Mexico native as a loyal, shenanigan-inspiring and fun-loving Leather Boi. While his woof and his kilt bring all the boots to the yard, his heart and spirituality keeps them there.  His soul soars in the sacred space created when he is working with leather.  Be it boots, vests, chaps or a tightly laced corset, bringing the boobs…LEATHER, bringing the leather back to life fills his cup and the cups of so many around him!!

International Ms. Bootblack 2010, Jayson served with the belief that boots create a spiritual foundation of the Leather Walk and that everyone should have a solid, beautiful, and polished foundation.

Jayson is married to a beautiful girl that somehow manipulated the time-space continuum with her wiley ways to get Jayson to be still long enough to see past the insatiable flirt, the boisterous bootblack, and the driven Leatherboy. All that was left was the heart of her champion and they have both had tunnel vision ever since.

Jayson’s nights are full of love, laughter, education and support at local, regional, and national events.  Most importantly—he is enjoying life no matter what and celebrating ohana.

Ohana is family: no one gets left behind or FORGOTTEN.

Tami joined the kink and Leather community in Indiana in 2001 and started bootblacking in 2008. She was the facilitator for KISS (Kinky Indiana Slaves & Submissives) for two years. In 2011, she moved to the Phoenix area and currently volunteers at several local and regional events including SWLC, WILL & SITC..


  Born in Buffalo NY, Geoff Millard is a working class guy with an origin story to rival any comic book character. His story ranges from homeless teen to solider, from war to anti war, and from coast to coast.   In the military Geoff had the honor of working recovery at what became know as Ground Zero after 9-11 and the dishonor of having deployed to Iraq. And so, while deployed Geoff became an early member of Iraq Veterans Against the War, an organization he would go on to head as his life turned form soldiering to politics.  After an exciting  career as an activist where he was arrested 41 times doing civil disobedience, wrote books and poetry, appeared on TV, and founded a home for veterans lost and abandoned by the government they served Geoff learned the legislative process working with members of Congress, Senators, and even President Obama.  Once Out of the closet Geoff started searching for home. He moved to San Francisco where he could be open, out, leather, and proud while still working with Veterans. It was at the San Francisco Eagle where Geoff found bootblacking. On that patio Geoff, having PTSD was uneasy in crowds, found his space in a leather world he had only known closeted before.   After a couple of years in the San Francisco Leather community Geoff decided to take his shot at titles. Just four days after the 2016 election Geoff became Mr Daddy’s Barbershop Leather 2017 on a night he remembers less for titles and more for the feeling of the Castro in that time of great fear.   After winning Mr San Francisco Leather 2017 Geoff would rally the leather community to step out of the bars and into the streets amid the protest movement ignited by Trump’s election. He would take that political title to the IML stage where he finished 1st runner up with his fist raised.   As a bootblack Geoff was never fully himself on the leather side of the title circuit so he dreamed of a run at IMBB in 2019. On his way he won CA State Bootblack 2018 and finished just shy of a win at IMBB, becoming the first person to ever bring home silver from both IML and IMBB.   Today Daddy Geoff lives in Baltimore MD with his Husband, collared submissive and wolf Jack Thompson, IML 2019. You can find Geoff loving on leathers at the one of a kind LGBTQ adult playground that is The Night Shift 2.0 where he serves as House Bootblack.   So now that you know a bit about him come sit for Daddy. 


 Daddy Ray is a versatile queer from Louisville, Kentucky and is the 2018 International Community Bootblack. Ray is the Associate Liaison for the ONYX Great Lakes Chapter and in 2019 was the recipient of the Associate of the Year award for the ONYX Great Lakes Chapter. Ray is into a variety of kinks, including but not limited to: fisting, pissing/squirting, bondage, humiliation and degradation, impact play, and food play.   Ray enjoys teaching on various topics, two of his favorite classes include a Bootblack themed pervertables class and an interactive class that helps introverted bootblacks break the ice while working the stands. Ray may also be found emceeing various leather contests and events as his alter ego, Lilly Storm. 


Bio Coming Soon!


 Girl Becky has been involved in the BDSM lifestyle for nearly 20 years. Along her journey, she has identified as a bottom, a slave, a switch, a submissive and a babygirl. She has finally settled down with her Daddy, Sparkie, and is proud to be his devoted wife and babygirl. She is a Bootblack who loves to love on leather and is proud to serve as Wisconsin Leather Pride Bootblack 2020.

Becky is an avid reader who always prefers the book over the movie. Her background in stress management gives her a unique perspective on both leather care and BDSM play and firmly believes that both offer a mental health advantage over vanilla life.

Along with Sparkie, Girl Becky produces the Bootblack Round-Up, an annual Bootblack-centric event.