Welcome to your 2019 Bootblack Round Up Classess 

2019 Clasess

Bootblack 101


  So, you love leather…the look, the feel, the smell, the functionality of it. But do you know how to care for it? For many of us, our leather is an extension of ourselves and needs be maintained to extend its life. This class will review basic tools, products, and techniques so that you can lovingly tend to the leather in your life.  Lorelei strives to create an interactive and encouraging setting. In this class there is a hands-on, show and tell style review of the products and tools. Followed by a demonstration of basic cleaning, conditioning, and polishing. The group is encouraged to move around to get a better look and ask questions throughout the process. 

Handmade Leather Soap and Conditioner: Make Your Own Leather DIY Leather Care Products


 Ever wondered how to make your own soap, conditioner? Ever needed a patch or filler?
Got a smell the just won’t go away? Ever wondered what you could substitute for a tool or product you forgot to bring or restock? Needed a custom color polish? Learn what to put in it and what not to, learn where to source base materials. Find out what additions can be made safely without risk of color change and other issues. Learn how to slightly alter your recipes so as to be effective on various leathers.
Please bring your own 6oz (x2) sealable jar or tin for soap and conditioner to take home! (Bootblack Round Up Will have some to for a donation)
At the end of this class you will have a small quantity of your own product to take home.
(Allergen warning: coconut oil, bees wax, essential oils)

Good Touch Game's Bootblack Edition


 Consent is the corner stone of our community. This hands-on class teaches consent in practical ways. Bring a friend but don’t expect to get paired with them as you are guided through a series of 9 games. This sexy and simple class will teach even the most experienced player a thing or two and give the rookie a safe and solid foundation. 

Care and Feeding of a bootblack: In public and within a relationship


 This class looks at what a bootblack needs to survive in life: both while working a stand, and while the bootblack is in a relationship.  Sir Paris and Girl Amelia will pose questions to those attending, as well as giving information about their own D/s relationship and the impact being a bootblack has on it.  Come in, have a seat, and ask whatever question you may have.  There will not be a quiz at the end of the class. There may be beatings until morale improves. 

No one said you HAVE to use your hands” on erotic bootblacking


 When caring for leathers in an erotic fashion we tend to hyper focus on what our hands are doing while ignoring all the fun ways we could use other body parts. Weather in the bedroom or the stand these techniques will help you spice up your bootblacking  


2019 Presenters

Panda Pup in Bootz


 Panda Pup in Bootz is the Alaska State Bootblack 2017 and has been a member of the  community for over 13 years, on both sides of the collar. They are a primal, and  a pup, A blood fetishist, little, Bootblack, boy, edge player, this puppy is full of laughter and adventure. They are in service to their long-term Partner Gemini. Panda loves to get their paws dirty while making all of their friends’ and families’ leathers pretty, polished, and repaired. Their other goals include creating education and outreach, recruiting, guiding, and teaching more Bootblacks, and helping others find a sense of belonging. 

Paul Jennings


Paul Jennings is relatively new to the art of bootblacking.  

He got interested in bootblacking back in 2017 because of a class presented by Kink U at the Mr Minneapolis Eagle (MME) contest weekend.  Pawlish, International Mr Bootblack 2017, and Bamm Bamm, Int’l Leather Boy 2012/International Mr Bootblack 2015, with their boy presented a class on erotic bootblacking.  When Bamm Bamm passed a can of Hubard’s around, Paul took a huge whiff and found "his calling". In 2018, Sparkie reached out to Paul and offered to come to Minneapolis to allow Paul to sit stand-side to observe, ask questions and get the basics of bootblacking.  Paul also made it to his first IML this year to observe the bootblack competition and continued learning from experienced bootblacks.  

In 2018 Paul joined Minnesota Leather Pride and currently serves as its Secretary.  Paul has tirelessly worked to build community by actively promoting the local groups’ activities through social media.

In his personal time, Paul is an avid cross-stitcher and has spent countless hours creating designs for mostly friends and family.  He has recently started crossing over to more erotic, snarky and naughty cross-stitching, which, in his opinion, is more fun than classic stitching.

Paul’s kinks are few:  He is a bottom with some vers/dom tendencies; flags light/dark blue - right. He is trying his hand at pup handling and enjoys male body odors, getting flogged, spanked, and bitten.

Lorelei Siren


 Lorelei Siren is a service Lorelei Siren, the 2019 Ohio Bootblack, is a service-oriented, sadomasochist who joined the public kink community in 2013. Though extensively trained in many areas of service, one of Lorelei’s greatest passions is the sensuous, meticulous ritual of bootblacking. It was her love of bootblacking that lead her to make the leap into the leather community in 2015.  Lorelei is a leader of CBC-CLE (Cigars, Boots & Chocolate, Cleveland), a member of OhioSMART, and has been a member of the CLAW bootblack crew for the past two years. She has lead demos/classes over the past couple years and looks forward to many more opportunities to share with others.  When at home, Lorelei enjoys pampering her partner through bootblacking, wet shaving, foot worship, and cigar service. She is very excited to formally share her knowledge with all of you. 

Geoff Millard


 Geoff Millard is the house bootblack at the Baltimore Eagle and is a member of San Francisco’s The 15 Assotiation. He is the first and only person to be first runner up at both IML and IMBB. The leather titles he has held include Mr Daddys Barbershop 2017, Mr San Fransisco Leather 2017, and Califorina State Bootblack 2018 but the title that means the most is Daddy of his polyamourus family.   Geoff’s life out of leather hasn’t always been good or bad but it has always been interesting. He has been a soldier, homeless, author, grappler, advocate, world traveler, lover, friend, and of course Daddy.   As a disabled veteran Geoff is using his VA benefits to build his poly dream house with his collared submissive/husband Jack Thompson (IML41) and his closest friend sex worker/educator Andre Shakti, which means that this polyamorous family has a particular set of skills... to make you cum. 

Sir Paris/Girl Amelia



Sir Paris – owner of the collar of Girl Amelia since 12/31/2008; MTTA Masters Training alumnus.  Practitioner of Florentine flogging, edge play (including knife play), and the mind fuck. Teaches Tops/Doms individually on request the joys of knife play; presented Knife Play class at The Call to Serve in Augusta, Georgia in September 2011.  Co-presenter with Girl Amelia at MAsT Philadelphia in January 2012 entitled “M/s dynamic with a bootblack in the mix.” Panelist for Black Rose concerning People of Color in the Leather Community (Summer of 2012). Ensures that Girl Amelia arrives early for all scheduled bootblack shifts, as well as any classes for which she is a presenter, i.e., drove more than 25,000 miles during 2013-14 title year.  Nicknamed by Mid-Atlantic Region bootblacks as “Bootblack Daddy” because of his protection of bootblacks during shifts, as well as making sure they eat and hydrate in spite of their headspace during a shift.


Girl Amelia is a Puerto Rican/Japanese femme bootblack in the Leather community.  She is the owned and collared girl of Sir Paris, receiving her collar on December 31, 2008. Girl Amelia is part of the Leather pup community as Pup Purple/Pup Horo, a she-wolf.  She is also a drag king named Ricardo, who comes out to play at fundraisers as a BDSM top. She is legal counsel to the Leather Heart Foundation, the Carter/Johnson Leather Library,and the Baltimore Playhouse.  Girl Amelia has worked as a bootblack at Charm City Fetish Fair; SouthEast Leather Fair; DC Gay Pride Festival; Master/slave Conference; Mr/Ms New Jersey Leather; Philadelphia Leather Pride Night; Santa Saturday; Have a Nasty Christmas; Command MC New Year's Eve Bash; Winter Solstice; Brimstone II; Chesapeake Leather and Pride; Bears, Bikers & Mayhem 2013; and Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend. Girl Amelia is the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Community Bootblack and the First Runner-up for International Community Bootblack 2013.   

 Girl Amelia has been a practicing attorney for 30 years and has presented classes at the 2010 -2012 and 2014-2018 MsC (Wills and Advanced Medical Directives); Femme Boot Pride Weekend 2010 (Being a bootblack and the M/s dynamic); Winter Solstice 2010 (Bootblacking 101); Femme Con 2012 (Bootblacking 101); Philadelphia Leather Leadership Conference 2014 and 2015 (Why Bootblacks are Needed at Leather Events and How to Care for Them; Accessibility at Events). She has also taught at Black Rose and various MAsT meetings in Virginia, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.  Girl Amelia is the author of articles for Baltimore OutLoud magazine on topics involving immigration law.