About Us



We are an exclusively volunteer-run event that exists to promote Bootblacking and support Bootblacks. The people on the front lines are:

Daddy Sparkie- Co-Producer

girl Becky - Co-Producer & Grammar Police ;)

In 2021 Bootblack Round Up will be Produced by 3 People

Daddy Sparkie - Founder/Producer

Boy John- Producer

Bumper Bootblack- Producer

Look out for More info to come!

History of The Bootblack Round Up


In 2015, Sparkie, 2015 Illinois Community Bootblack, wanted to do a unique fundraising event to end his title year and decided to fill the void for Bootblack-focused events. So, he contacted his friend, Blackjack, who runs the Get Your Black On Charity and asked his soon-to-be wife, Girl Becky, to help with this endeavor. In 2016, Midwest Bootblack Round-Up, with support from CLAW Nation, raised $1,600 for three charities and a former IMsBB in need of assistance.  Unfortunately, for personal reasons, Blackjack chose to step down from his role as Producer before our next event.

​Given the success of the weekend, and the number of attendees from outside the Midwest, we dropped the first word of our name and and are excited to "round-up" Bootblacks from anywhere and everywhere.

 The 2nd Annual Bootblack Roundup was held in St Louis, Missouri, at JJ's Clubhouse and Bar. With the community's help, we raised $2,000 for our three beneficiaries: Pets Are Wonderful Support, Get Your Black On, and Mr Friendly!

The 3rd Annual Bootblack Round Up Raised 1,130.33 for the 4 Charity's Leather Heart Foundation,CLAW, Leather Archives and Museum and Broadway youth Center

The 4th Annual Bootblack Round Up Raised $550 While this wasn't our biggest year it was the most intimate and educated weekend yet! The Charity's were the Leather Archives and Museum and CLAW Corp

The 5rd Annual Bootblack Round-Up will be in Chicago, IL during the weekend of June 19-21st at  The Leather Archives and Museum and Jackhammer

Mission of the BBRU


As a Bootblack-focused event, Bootblack Round-Up increases visibility of Bootblacks in the community, provides a gathering place for Bootblacks to exchange ideas, and provides support to the wider community through our fundraising efforts and support of each other.