About Us



We are an exclusively volunteer-run event that exists to promote Bootblacking and support Bootblacks. The people on the front lines are:

Daddy Sparkie- Co-Producer

girl Becky - Co-Producer & Grammar Police ;)

History of The Bootblack Round Up


In 2015, Sparkie, 2015 Illinois Community Bootblack, wanted to do a unique fundraising event to end his title year and decided to fill the void for Bootblack-focused events. So, he contacted his friend, Blackjack, who runs the Get Your Black On Charity and asked his soon-to-be wife, Girl Becky, to help with this endeavor. In 2016, Midwest Bootblack Round-Up, with support from CLAW Nation, raised $1,600 for three charities and a former IMsBB in need of assistance.  Unfortunately, for personal reasons, Blackjack chose to step down from his role as Producer before our next event.

​Given the success of the weekend, and the number of attendees from outside the Midwest, we dropped the first word of our name and and are excited to "round-up" Bootblacks from anywhere and everywhere.

 The 2nd Annual Bootblack Roundup was held in St Louis, Missouri, at JJ's Clubhouse and Bar. With the community's help, we raised $2,000 for our three beneficiaries: Pets Are Wonderful Support, Get Your Black On, and Mr Friendly!

The 3rd Annual Bootblack Round Up Raosed 1,130.33 for the 4 Charity's Leather Heart Foundation,CLAW, Leather Archives and Museum and Broadway youth Center

The 4rd Annual Bootblack Round-Up will be in Chicago, IL during the weekend of September 20-22, 2019 at  The Leather Archives and Museum. 

Mission of the BBRU


As a Bootblack-focused event, Bootblack Round-Up increases visibility of Bootblacks in the community, provides a gathering place for Bootblacks to exchange ideas, and provides support to the wider community through our fundraising efforts and support of each other.