Shine Off Winners

2016 - Riley J

Taken By Chester Munro

Riley J - Winner

Pup Tigger

girl becky

2017 - boi


boi - Winner

Boy Colt



2018 - Michael Ann


Michael Ann Gilpin - Winner

Mark Bootblack

Girl of Myst

2019- ???


2019 Is Here are you going to be this years Shine Off Winner??

What The Shine-Off Is:


The Shine-Off is a quick, simple test of skill. Contestants are matched with a pair of boots and are given 15 minutes to do their best shine. The contestants are judged on the quality of their shine and their interaction with their client.

FAQ'S Of Shine Off


  1. This is not a feeder contest.
  2. You don't have to be a titleholder to compete
  3. The Shine-Off is open to all experience levels from brand new to "I've been doing this longer than you've been alive"
  4. Age/sex/orientation/creed/etc. doesn't matter as we are all family