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This year we are glad to work with the  Leather Archives and Museum which is making the Event Free to our Attendees (we are going to take a recommended donation) but if you cant afford it you can still come but like last year you will have to register (Which will get you a free souvenir, 15% off at the LAM and other places!!!! So if your coming please please register:)

** Remember this Event is Free*** (Donations  Accepted )

2020 Registration is Live!!!  Please Register @

Convid19 Press Release


Hello Bootblacks!

With events being cancelled across the country, many of you have wondered if Bootblack Round-Up will be held June 19-21 in Chicago. 

As we monitor the situation, we've decided a couple of things. As the country moves toward better social distancing, we're hopeful that we'll stay to move in the direction of flattening the curve quickly, but we know that may not happen.

As a production team, we will meet in mid-April to assess the state of affairs nationally and make a final decision on whether Bootblack Round-Up will be held in Chicago. 

Here's the good news: the show must go on! If, when our team meets, we determine that our in-person event must be cancelled, we will do everything we can to make this a virtual event. We will work with our educators and if they are comfortable presenting virtually, we'll have them present their regularly scheduled class time.

We also know that, even if we are able to hold the event in person, many people will still be struggling financially because of the effects of the COVID19 outbreak, so we will be looking into ways to stream the classes anyway for those who need to stay home for the weekend.

We look forward to connecting in mid-April. In the meantime, stay safe, practice good social distancing, check in on your friends, and for the love of Pete - WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!

Sparkie, Girl Becky, Bumper & boy john

Bootblack Round-Up Production Team